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If you are a graduate of Mt. Olives Ministerial Bible Institute (MOMBI) we want to stay in touch with you. We want to ensure that our relationship with you continues beyond graduation. No matter how recently you join MOMBI, you can participate in a range of programs and events or join our social networks.

The MOMBI Alumni Network is about keeping you connected with other MOMBI alumni and with your future.



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What’s the difference between an alumni and an alum? The Latin words used to describe graduates can be confusing. However, it’s important to know the correct word to describe the type of graduate you are or will become, especially when writing your resume. Here’s what you need to know.


You likely see this word most frequently when talking about graduates. The word “alumni” refers to a group of both male and female graduates. It’s also used to refer to a group of male graduates.


The word “alumnus” refers to an individual male graduate. Remember that if you’re referring to a group of male graduates, you use “alumni.”


When referring to one female graduate, use the word “alumna.” If you’re talking about a group of female graduates, the correct word is “alumnae.”


The word “alum” is an informal reference to either a male or female graduate. “Alums” refers to a group of graduates that can be all male, all female or mixed. While this slang is fine for casual conversation, most grammar experts recommend using the proper Latin names in professional settings.

Did you know that MOMBI has an alumni association? We strive to keep you updated on MOMBI news, to listen and respond to your input, and to keep you engaged with the Institute.

Update your contact information to ensure that you get the latest alumni information.We would love to hear how you’re taking the world by storm! Share your story with us.

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